Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday afternoon surfing...

Kids napping, Husband napping... and my way of relaxing and taking a break is catching up on all my blog reading. I enjoy it...hoping to maybe stumble across that profound piece of wisdom that some other mommy has discovered. Hoping that someone has figured out life with little ones. Living vicariously through all the other mommies in the blogosphere. Their lives seem so much more exciting...full of life... spiritual.

Whatever it is they have, I want. And I go looking for it. You know, the key to life and happiness? Surely my Google Reader will reveal it to me.

Wait, I already know the key to life and happiness...don't I?

"And this is eternal life... that they may know You the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. " John 17:3

"And I have come to give them life and life to the full..." John 10:10

"I am the way, the truth and the man comes to the Father except through me" John 14:6

John (or really Jesus) sure did have a lot of good things to say on this subject. Maybe I should listen to him more than I do all the blog-mommies I rush to.

As I was reading some great blogs with great content I stumbled across this post on why you should subscribe to a blog reader.

Side note--- I have been trying to convince my husband to use a blog reader to follow all his blogs. He is protesting, kind of like an old woman who insists on writing checks at the grocery store instead of using debit.

But back to MY post... that my husband probably won't read, because he doesn't use a blog reader. So in the above mentioned blog had a really simple but great word of advice:

Read the Bible first.
It is important to read what God is saying in the morning before reading what bloggers or news reporters have to say.

And I just felt a huge tug on my heart. Maybe it was more of a slap in the face. I think it was the Holy Spirit saying....this is written for you. No blog, or mommy forum has what you are looking for. You are looking for Me.

And I know that is true... That The Great One is only found in His book, the Bible.

Then Why do I wake up, get my cup of coffee and pop open my laptop? Because it is easy, and it is habit. My husband actually taught a great lesson in Sunday School today about living like a redeemed people. If Christ's death and resurrection are true, and I have died to sin and am alive in Christ...why do I live like I am still a slave to sin?

Part of the sanctification process is us saying no to sin, and yes to righteousness. I have the choice in the morning to open my laptop or open my Bible. And I continue to choose the first.

Does God still Love me? Of course He does!
Does Grace abound? Of course it does!

But God also calls me me to live by faith and to obey. He calls me to "put on the armor of God" and to "be filled with the fruit of the spirit". And though many blogs do indeed help me to do those things, only the Word of God is living and active and can penetrate deep into my heart.

I think my "reasoning" here was it is just too crazy in the mornings with my kids to read my Bible. Well, who ever said you had to read your Bible in absolute silence with candles lit and instrumental music playing in the background? Cause that is DEFINITELY never going to happen. I might as well never have a quiet time again if that is my expectation.

If I can read blogs and e-mail and update my facebook status while crazy toddlers play and eat cereal, then I think I can read my Bible.

I recently bought The 30 Day Shred (it's a workout video...that is going to take me MUCH longer than 30 days to I have only done it 2x in 10 days)

It made me think about other 30 day challenges out there. And it made me think....could I wake up for the next 30 days and get my coffee and open my Bible first and then my laptop second? Could I rebuild this Holy habit I have somehow lost sight of?

So, here goes... instead of just the 30 Day Shred...I am embarking on 30 Days of Daily Bread.
Becasue hearing from God is definitely more important than hearing from all of you.
(no offense)

Won't you join me??


  1. Wow -- count me in.

    You know how you mentioned that you search for the perfect mommy blogging piece of advice? Well, I can tell you that reading your post was like reading a page of my journal.

    I, too - grab my coffee in the morning, turn on the morning news, and right away open my laptop. I, too, have a stack of exercise videos that I've maybe done 3x in the past month.

    I have to say that I may have found a kindred spirit in your blog!

    But I'm definitely on board with your 30 Day Challenge! I'll let you know how it goes!

    ~ Jennifer

  2. I love love your blog I am also in search of that great mommy wisdom! HA
    Keep blogging

  3. Great idea! I recently subscribed to Girlfriends in God which comes to me on my computer! I can honestly say that I have loved it and it has really helped me focus on God in the mornings. It's from Crosswalk. Can't wait to hear how the 30 days go! I think I'll try to get out the Bible and actually take the time to do the activities they suggest at the end of the devotion.


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