Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'll never drive a...


We had a cookout with 50 college students the other night. As the sweet college girls were passing around my sweet almost 8 week old baby, this following conversation was overheard:

Girl A--"You are going to be a great mom one day"

Girl B--"I can So see you being a soccer mom."

Girl C -- "But I'll never drive a van...oh no."

Girl A -- "I totally want an SUV when I have kids"

Girl C-- "Oh, yeah..Maybe a Landrover....but never a van. "

I once was 18... and dreamed of getting married and having kids.
I never dreamed of driving a van.
Does anyone actually DREAM of driving a van?

I nannied for a family the summer before i went to college and learned how to parallel park one of these bad babies in downtown Charleston.

It was my dream "mommy car" (and probably is up there as my top pick right now too)

Then there was this car I loved so very dearly.

Those college students are on to something...
It would make me one really hip mama.

Then I spent a summer in South Africa and was convinced this

was even better.
The mamas over there drive this to preschool. That would make me a REALLY cool mom.

I of course went through the Volvo stage...

I just really LOVE the Volvo wagon. And if you are the stereotypical 2.5 kid family, then this car is a great pick for you! Alas, once I realized we would not be the 2.5 kid family... I parked this volvo dream up there on the shelf with all my other lost dreams in life.

Did I mention that we are in Ministry???
NONE of the previously mentioned vehicles really falls into our budget either.

So, I am. 29 years old, 3 kids.
And I am the VERY proud owner of a Dodge Grand Caravan.

And we've still got room for a few more kids in the back.
(Dave is pulling for 1 more!)

It may not be a Volvo, or a Land Rover, or a Suburban...
But when you look in the rear view mirror and this is what you see

It doesn't really matter what you're driving, does it?
This Van of mine sure does carry some very precious cargo!


  1. Love this post. Yes those dream cars are awesome but I'll tell you what... I LOVE my van.

  2. For the record I actually always wanted a that I have one and I DO love it! More than loving my van I like you LOVE what I see in the rearview mirror. However, I am trying to convince Brian to get a suburban when his car like hopefully 3 years or so.

    Have fun in Charleston...I'm so jealous!! Also, I see Carson made it back to the back! I bet he was SO excited!! I can't wait to see that sweet Helen soon. Let's do lunch one day before the end of the school year!

  3. I can totally relate to this post. The younger me thought I would NEVER drive a mini-van but I am now the proud owner of a Caravan. It really doesn't matter what you drive.

  4. We had mini vans growing up and in high school - if I wanted to drive somewhere - yep - I was driving the mini van!! It actually became really fun - we would cruise around town in the mini van! (My family is in the ministry also - (not me and my husband but my parents)
    I wanted to tell you that everyone is different but I would think that it would mean a WHOLE lot to your friend for you to remember her on mother's day and let her know you are praying. Every single note, e-mail, call or acknowledgment people gave me when we were struggling meant the WORLD to me. It's easy to ignore it because we feel awkward bringing it up to our friends because we know it's painful and private - but please do give to your friend. I have a feeling you will bless her so much!


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